A New Home – New Blog Address

A New Home – New Blog Address

Hey everyone, just a quick shout out that this blog has a new home! >>

Here’s a PREVIEW of where we are going!

>> Film. Race. Rally. Red Carpet. We’re heading to Sundance and we want you to join us! Buckle UP, turn up the volume just a bit and be ready to PLAY >>

Enter Here >> DREAM PASS

Looking forward to the NEW HOME, staying on the DREAM PATH and CHASING DREAMS with you STARTING right here, Jump in!

See you very soon…



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Film Girl’s Guide to Kickstarter – Part 1

Film Girl’s Guide to Kickstarter – Part 1

What is holding you back from your dream?


If you are reading this, I assume you already have some knowledge or experience with Kickstarter, what it is at least at the most basic level, and you are thinking that THIS may be the ticket to your project taking flight or finding the funding to complete it.

So we will jump right in. If you haven’t poked around the Kickstarter site, do it now. Invest ONE HOUR to navigate and explore – this is REALLY your FIRST HOUR of YOUR WORK, investing in yourself and investing in the success of your project on Kickstarter.

If you “can’t find the time or don’t have the time” then DONT BOTHER with my challenges,  Kickstarter or any other crowdsourced funding platforms. Go watch a movie until you feel you are ready to invest the work into making your own, or pledge $25 to watch mine, One Night in Seattle (the cheeky monkey that I am).

OR, step up to the CHALLENGE to get one step further to making your dream come true. Over the next few weeks, I will be taking you on a journey closer to your dream than you have ever come and it starts TODAY. NOT TOMORROW or NEXT WEEK, but TODAY, right NOW.

Here is my first challenge to you and YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON STANDING IN YOUR WAY.


  • Set aside 1hr of un-interrupted time, go to your computer, launch the internet.
  • Set a timer for one hour. EXACTLY ONE HOUR… No more – no less.
  • Go to

Now this is a bit of a treasure hunt. This info is ALL on the Kickstarter Site, you just have to poke around (WORK) to find it. START YOUR TIMER NOW!


Things to do, Items to locate (copy and paste links to all items into a word or pages document as you go)

1st 30mins:

  1. Create a personal Kickstarter Profile
  2. Identify 3 projects that are very similar to yours
  3. Identify 3 rewards offerings that appeal to you personally

Last 30mins:

  1. Find the Kickstarter School Page
  2. Read the Project Guidelines
  3. Find “Making your Video” and watch “Telling your Story” video


Not so bad, hey? Kinda Fun? Kinda challenging but you DID IT! CONGRATS! WOO-HOO!


NOW reply below with a comment containing the following:

  1. A Link to your NEW Kickstarter Profile Page!
  2. 6 links (3 to similar projects, 3 to rewards you like) and briefly describe why you picked these.
  3. A 140 character length (Twitter Post) description of your goal.
  4. Your answer to the below question:


I will read each and every one.

I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

-Shawna (Shawna CFG Cox on FB)


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Kick Starting Day 1 | Kickstarter


Today is Day 1, launching into KICKSTARTER and I’m KICKING at the START, because I AM CANADIAN.

Canadian Kickstarter

Basically, Kickstarter is a way to crowdsource fund a creative project, and I have a film or two to finish.

At first look, it seems PERFECT.

I love their tag line, A New Way to Fund & Follow Creativity.”

“Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. We believe that: A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide; A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement. Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.”

On second look, it is TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

ANYONE from around the WORLD can ‘BACK’ a project (make a pledge with a major credit card), but only  a permanent US RESIDENT, can ‘CREATE’ a project to seek funding.


“To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project, you need to satisfy the requirements of Amazon Payments: Be a permanent US resident and at least 18 years of age with a Social Security Number (or EIN), a US bank account, US address, US state-issued ID (driver’s license), and major US credit or debit card.”

So NOT me…

SO, I haven’t even started kicking the tires on Kickstarter and it’s already looking like it’s going to be… an interesting journey. If you know me, that hasn’t stopped me before.


Align with a US film making friend, to basically CO-CREATE / CO-PRODUCE  by becoming the so called ‘holding creative company’or ‘off-shore creative account-ish’ – a ‘creative by-pass’ or ‘creative Freeway’ for this CANADIAN FILM GIRL to get into KICKSTARTER.

MY SEARCH begins today to find someone I trust, that I would LOVE to work with, to collaborate with, to see my project through this final phase of post production (editing) funding, so we can FINISH THE FILM!

MY REASEARCH is to find a structure that will adhere to all the Kickstarter guidelines and policies with this ‘US Film Friend’ alignement. I’ve located the ‘Canadian Kickstarter’ Group on Facebook (link via the above logo) and have started a discussion on the wall.

MY WORK is to ‘attend’ the KICKSTARTER SCHOOL and define the project. Also, to create a draft of the contract agreement to enter into a c0-created Kickstarter Project with a ‘US Film Friend’ (I have a feeling I will be using a Lawyer credit with this one).

AND MAYBE… it’s time to LAUNCH and ENGAGE my CROWDSOURCED FILM FOCUS group to see what other ideas, solutions and kickers are swirling around out there in the ether. That’s a discussion for another time, very soon.

Adventure… as always,


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Searching a Way Out | WritersLOG

I wanted to share it with you as i think it’s the closest, reader’s digest version of my own fears and why I am where I am right now. This is my brief History, how I hold myself back / my own “INVISIBLE SCRIPT”.

Of course there is more, much more, but this is the core of it all.  I just wanted to share it with you. I did post it on my CFG FB as will, mostly because it deals with life story and healing (and depression). These are elements I am encouraging people to share in order to heal. I am still learning how to share and heal too…

Here goes….

The Script:

“no one will pay me to be a filmmaker or actor”.

The Story, realization & manifestation:

From when I was young, I wanted to be an actor, but I was too pudgy and too shy. I had a big break my last year in school, a community play, where I got the lead role, got lost in the part and got the audience’s love, but didn’t know where to go from that point, I was in a bit of ‘dream-shock’ you might say.

Right after the high school play at christmas, and starting to fill out applications for university, I was literally sick – my body shut down for the whole last half of the year – I went from being considered for the graduating class valedictorian to barely getting out of bed in the morning. I didn’t really know why – I was too young to understand what depression was, especially under the guise of mono-like symptoms.

7 years later, I did end up committing to fulltime acting training, focusing on feature film and TV, while holding down a fulltime job in Engineering. Again, I shocked myself and others after 2 years of hard, dedicated work to my acting craft, but didn’t know how to take it from class to gig. I lived in a city where film work was limited and when I moved to a city that did, Vancouver, there was a US/Canada writer’s strike, no filming was done during the strike, casting directors loved me, but there was nothing to cast during that time.

I went home after a few months, broke and back to the old fulltime Engineering job and no acting gigs. So I decided to make my own acting gigs, wrote a script, bought the camera and edit system, cast myself out of the feature film lead role in order to direct and ‘protect the story’ – funding it all by working in Engineering. All the while, “PAYING TO PLAY” as a filmmaker, writer, actor – not “being paid to play”. I guess I was told at that young age, that ARTISTS STARVE, so I should focus on a career that would make money instead. I guess, I believed what I was told.

It’s been 7 years since buying the camera and shifting from pursuing acting into independent filmmaking, and if you’ve been following me here and/or on Facebook, you know a ton of things have happened in that 7 years both in my film world and my personal world. And YES, my INVISIBLE SCRIPTS have been haunting me the whole way.

Now, I am just entering into post production (editing) on my first feature film and I am unable to personally fund this last stage at this point. My options are going back to the Engineering job to make money to pay to finish my film or put a proposal in for crowdsource financing via Kickstarter. On the acting front, I’m now 38, a little old, but ready to dust off the chops, get the headshots redone. I’ve booked my first read through for a friend’s first feature film. It’s non-paying and just a sit down read through for the writer to see how it sounds/looks off the page, but it’s a start. I guess I need to believe I can bring value to a story, a creative vision and an audience’s experience – enough so that someone somewhere will drop a dollar or two in my hat.

I have battled with these scripts ever since high school, and not really believing in myself or my talents, “artists don’t make money”, “why you over the other talented people”, “you’re too ambitious”.

I have been depressed / searching for a ‘way out’ of this script and a ‘way into’ the one I dream of ever since.

I think I am starting to live the dream…

-SherpaGuru, Shawna

This entry was inspired by, Ramit Sethi

…and his “How to overcome Fear by the 5 minute straight jacket technique” via his “Find a Dream Job” private list, via

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Wild Beach | WritersLog

Somewhere on the horizon the water touches the sky – or so it seems

I prayed to the grandfathers as they approached from the west
Sand in my fingers and hope in my heart
Answers for guidance and direction yet found
I openly prayed for peace for myself and peace surrounding

I secretly prayed to be done
To be nodded off to that wild beach that calls from inside my heart

Thunder looked me in the eye and studied my face
It knew I wasn’t strong enough to go alone
He took my spirit in his and walked me into my sacred place
He followed me with his words until he heard the silence i was hiding inside
His eyes dropped my breath and I exhaled a gentle wind the elders descended

They took my hand in theirs and prayed to release
thunder spoke my secret I shuttered
Not in fear in freedom
I shuddered with guilt responsibility assumed.

Sadness heavy a dream apart from known.

Thunder lifted my wings
West lifted my darkness
Path cleared before me
Destination once now forever unknown.

Prayers answered faith in journey.

Joy not knowing tests past.

This peace spoke of rests in wild
Where the sun touches the waters
Where the waters greet the sands
Where the sands warm spirit
Where spirit rise above – or so it seems.

-Shawna Cox, Oct 31 2011

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Window of Time | WritersLOG

I believe time doesn’t exist and that love and all
relations transcend all time and space for all eternity… Until a
voice said “right now”… …I stopped thinking about
timelessness…I all of the sudden understood something quite
different. I repeated those words ‘right now’ again and again, but
the last time… I heard it as “write now”. And this is what I
wrote… I understood that time needs to exist. That we need a
window to relate to each other in this time and space. That yes,
past present and future are indeed one, but we are in THiS reality
and we need this one window of TIME to fully live this lifetime.
Seeing this one window of ‘right now’, of living only what we see
in this window of time of NOW, frees us from the past and
future…from ‘once known’ and ‘future expectation’ IF… we choose
to let ourselves look through it, giving our full attention to what
it wishes to show us ‘right now’. If we choose to let the past pass
and choose to trust that we are clear on our intention for the
future, this window of time in space, becomes our key to truly
seeing our journey in real time, just like the window of a plane.
From sunrise to sunset and around the world…know that you are
booked on the best seat and are truly on the journey of a life time
and that it’s beauty is truly passing by right before your eyes…
Let go of where you came from – you will remember when you need to.
Let go of what you expect to encounter – you will know when you
feel it. Just keep looking out that window with your full
attention, because you may just miss how beautiful your journey
truly is…”right now.”

And between you and me… I always book the window seat on a plane. I only now, ‘right now’, understand why. 🙂


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WritersLOG – Where | am


I didn’t know I
miss this space
this place

I’ve forgotten
until now found
again remembering


feel breath

something in


knows thrill
for it love
of it lost

breathes with me

owns me


And I ask
From this space remembered
This place found again.

Am I

-Shawna Cox
Oct 6 2010

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